Is it suitable to install intelligent sensor solar street lights in rural areas?

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  More than half of the new rural construction project has been carried out so far, and solar street lights have been used in many rural areas. With the growth of its sales in recent years, many solar street light manufacturers have continuously innovated and updated their solar street light products in order to win in the market competition. Nowadays, human body intelligent induction solar street light, we have witnessed the development and changes of solar street light technology in recent years. In recent years, the human body intelligent sensor solar street lamp has been hot on the Internet, but its installation area has many restrictions. So is it suitable to install human-sensing solar street lights in rural areas? Next, the editor will take everyone to analyze this problem briefly.

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  The human body intelligent sensory solar street light is controlled by its internal human body intelligent sensor controller, and this controller is controlled by infrared sensor module + PMW. It is sensitive to heating objects and can detect the heat radiation of the human body. It is the same principle as the corridor lamp. When someone passes by, the infrared sensor is triggered. The light source automatically turns on the strong bright mode. The strong light generally lasts for 30 seconds. When the person leaves the sensing range, the light source automatically Switches to dim mode. This controller has a single-chip microcomputer control, which controls the brightness by adjusting the duty cycle, that is, PWM. It is suitable for people walking, but not suitable for road lights because the driving speed is very fast and the sensing distance of this controller system is limited.

  The width of roads in rural areas is generally less than 5 meters, and there are very few vehicles on the roads. The main purpose of installing solar street lights in rural areas is to facilitate villagers’ walks and activities at night, and there are no other requirements. Therefore, rural areas are suitable for installing human body intelligent induction solar street lights. In addition, the installation of human body intelligent sensor solar street lights in rural areas is more in line with the concept of green, low-carbon, and environmental protection, intelligently controlling low light and strong light, so that solar street lights do not need to maintain high power all the time, so the configuration of solar street lights can be reduced, thereby making solar street lights more expensive Lower, reduce the financial expenditure of the village committee.

  In short, rural areas are very suitable for installing human intelligent induction solar street lights. But I would like to remind everyone here, try to choose a regular solar street light manufacturer to buy, if you buy a human-sensing solar street light produced by a small workshop, the quality will not be guaranteed.