What are the common lights in landscape lighting design?

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       When we go to every corner of the city, we can often see the lighting design of feasting everywhere, especially at night in the park, the scenery is very charming, the lights from various lamps and lanterns cross and converge, forming a beautiful scenery Landscape. Do you know what are the common lights in landscape lighting design?

  General landscape lighting can be divided into two categories, one is functional lighting, and the other is scene lighting. Functional lighting is mainly used for residential roads, event venues, entrances, and exits, etc., scene lighting is mainly used for waterscape fountains, square paving, sculptures, and gallery frames. , Trees, scenery wall signs, etc.

  No matter when and what the situation, the commonly used lights in landscape lighting include: courtyard lights, lawn lights, tree lights, underwater lights, underground lights, LED light strips, linear LED lights, wall lights, hidden wall lights, etc. Today we Let's take a look at several common lamps.

landscape light

  1. Garden lights

  Courtyard lights can be used for functional lighting such as residential roads, event venues, etc. The style of the lamps is selected according to the style of the project. The height of the lamps is generally 3-5 meters, and the layout spacing is about 15-20 meters. When the courtyard lights are arranged, the choice of location is more important. We need to avoid the location of trees, fire lanes, and elevated surfaces and pay attention to the position of the bedroom windows on the first and second floors, and try to avoid the interference of the lights on the residents’ rest at night.

  2. Lawn lights

  Lawn lights are generally used for functional lightings such as garden roads, entrance roads, and villa courtyards within 2 meters. Generally, the shorter the lamps, the denser the spacing.

  When arranging lawn lights, pay attention to the impact on the beauty of the landscape. For example, if the lawn lights are arranged in bushes, the height of the luminous opening of the lawn lights should be about 20 cm higher than the bush line, and it should not be lower than the bush to block the light.

landscape light

  3. Illuminate tree lights

  The tree light is used for tree greening, etc., and the projection angle is mostly upward projection. Lamps are installed on the lawn. Generally, the buried tree light on the left is used. If the lamp is installed in shrubs, the right plug-in mud tree light or left tree light can be used. If it is a dense tree or coconut tree, the light can also be used. Tie the tree and shine the crown upward.