Why is the price of solar street lights decreasing year by year?

2020-10-10 10:59:18

      The street lamp plus the solar panel and battery become a solar street lamp. Now it has been popularized in vast rural areas. I don't know if you have discovered that the price of solar street lights is decreasing year by year. In the past two years, the solar street lights with medium configuration can sell for 1.200 yuan. Nowadays, the solar street lights with the same configuration can only sell for 900 yuan, or even lower. What are the reasons? Next, the author will briefly explain the reasons.

solar street light

  1. The number of solar street light manufacturers has mushroomed

  In the past few years, the country has vigorously developed the construction of new rural areas, and the construction of new rural roads must use a large number of energy-saving and environmentally friendly solar street lights. Therefore, the market and sales volume of solar street lights produced by manufacturers are not worried, and the profits are considerable. This has caused a lot of assets to be invested in the solar street light industry, resulting in an increasing number of manufacturers. The increase in the number of solar street lamp manufacturers has led to stronger competition in the industry, and various companies have begun to fight price wars, so the price of solar street lamps has been reduced year by year. In addition, there are also many leather bag companies and unscrupulous merchants who cut corners and configure false standards to enter the market at very low prices to attract customers.

  2. The price of various raw materials for manufacturing solar street lights has been reduced

solar street light

  a. The price of silicon wafers that make up solar panels has fallen by half due to market reasons.

  b. The price of Q235 steel used to manufacture solar street light poles has dropped by one-third compared to before, so the price of light poles produced has dropped.

  c. The price of LED chips that compose solar lamps has decreased, the price of lamp housings and the price of aluminum substrates have decreased. Therefore, a series of factors have led to lower prices of solar lamps.

  d. The price of lithium battery cells and solar street light controllers has been reduced, resulting in lower prices of finished solar lithium batteries.

  In summary, whether it is an increase in the number of manufacturers or a decrease in the price of raw materials for solar street lights, these will cause the price of solar street lights to decrease year by year. Finally, Qiandu Lighting gives you a sincere suggestion. When buying solar street lights, you must buy from a regular solar street light manufacturer. You can't be greedy for cheap and only choose low-priced products. After all, the principle of what you pay for is always applicable. , So as not to buy inferior solar street lights on the market and increase many troubles.