The production cycle of solar street lights

2020-09-24 10:16:18

       The production cycle of solar street lights generally needs to be more than a week, and large quantities require a longer time. This is because a complete set of solar street lights has multiple components and the production process is complex and there are many processes.

  The components of solar street lights include: solar street light poles, solar panels, batteries, led light sources and controllers, and basic cages. The controller and the basic cage have relatively fewer specifications and a short production cycle, but there are many production processes and long cycles for street light poles, solar panels, batteries, and LED light sources. Solar street light poles are manufactured from the Q235 steel plate through the processes of flattening, coiling, welding, cleaning, galvanizing, polishing, spraying, etc. Each process is essential, and strict requirements are required to ensure the verticality, circularity, and corrosion resistance of the street light poles And other performance. The solar panels of the solar street light have undergone the processes of testing, dicing, single welding, string welding, lamination, lamination, framing, cleaning, testing, and packaging to ensure that each solar panel has sufficient power. The battery generation process is relatively less, but there are also production processes such as welding, wiring, sealing, gluing, testing, and packaging. The Led light source first needs to determine the style and power of the lamp, determine the series and parallel mode according to the power and circuit system, and make the aluminum substrate, and then the processes of welding, assembly, test lighting, and packaging.

solar street lights

  Solar street lights have many specifications and parameters, which also determine that solar street lights are non-standard products. Therefore, solar street light manufacturers do not have a large amount of inventory. Generally, they are produced on orders. Therefore, they can be produced after a complete production cycle.