The development prospects and problems of solar street lights

2020-09-27 09:14:55

  Faced with the dual pressures of energy and the environment and the huge market that will be developed, major foreign companies have shown great interest and enthusiasm for exploring the Chinese solar market.

  The cost of solar street lamps is higher than that of ordinary lamps; if the construction cost of the project is included in the whole project, the cost of the two lamps is equivalent at the time of initial investment. The larger the project, the higher the construction cost of ordinary lamps and its initial investment is greater than that of solar lamps. But the longer it is used, the more it can highlight the benefits of solar lamps.

solae street light

  In fact, after recent years of promotion, the advantages of solar energy are now accepted by more and more people. As one of the series of solar energy applications, solar lamps have always been the focus of research and attention. Solar street lights will continue to be popularized internationally in the next five years and become the development trend of the future lighting industry.

  Deal with problems:

  1.Market selection

  Solar street light manufacturers are inevitably facing the problem of market selection if they want to develop. The market selection of solar street light manufacturers also needs to be distinguished from domestic and foreign countries. According to the actual situation of each company, suitable regions are selected for promotion.

solae street light

     2.Solar street light product quality

  Solar street light manufacturers must have an attitude of excellence in their products. Under the large domestic market environment, many solar street light manufacturers have developed the habit of low-cost competition. More and more low-priced products are flooding the market. The quality can be imagined. Customers must avoid such low-priced products when purchasing solar street lights. The quality is worrying.

  3.New product development of solar street lights

  The times are changing, and solar street light manufacturers are constantly making progress. The company must continue to develop and produce new solar street light products and must be good at innovation, otherwise, it will not be able to meet the needs of current customers and the increasing number of projects. R&D problems are more difficult and innovation must be It is a difficult road.