Lightning protection measures for solar street lights

2020-09-17 10:35:26

       Are there any lightning protection measures for solar street lights? The lightning protection of solar street lights is different from ordinary street lights, mainly because the response speed of LED is faster than ordinary street lights, and the voltage carrying capacity is smaller than ordinary street lights.

  The arrester is mainly designed according to the power supply voltage. Due to the lightning weather, the LED street lamp circuit will affect and smash the LED pipe lamp equipment through electrostatic induction or electromagnetic induction.

solar street lights

  Lightning protection is particularly important in open areas, high mountains, and areas where thunderstorms often occur. How to do a good job in lightning protection of solar street lights is the most troublesome problem and technical test for many solar street light manufacturers. So how did Century Sunshine solve this problem?

  1. Grounding of solar street lights: This is the most important thing, the pole can be used as a drainage fluid. The grounding network is determined according to the geological soil and grounding resistance

  2. Circuit: Install a dedicated photovoltaic DC arrester.

  3. Anti-direct lightning strike: Solar energy-saving street lights only need to use lightning rods as air-termination devices.