How to reduce the cost of solar garden lights during use?

2020-11-11 12:21:34

        We may know that outdoor lighting fixtures such as solar garden lights are a kind of product that can bring convenience to people, but they are also objectively said to be consumable. Although it is a consumable product, we can install and In terms of maintenance, some measures have been taken to reduce maintenance costs. Here, the post-maintenance of courtyard lamp manufacturers will tell you some knowledge.

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  Courtyard lighting source setting matters

  Setting the light source to flicker changes can not only make the solar LED garden light have a dynamic effect, but also reduce the average output current of the battery by changing the flicker duty cycle, prolong the working time of the system, and set the garden light to time control. Don't set it to be bright all night, causing too much waste, or reducing the power of solar cell components and the capacity of storage batteries to reduce costs. Although the appearance can be made very beautiful because the potting glue has poor aging resistance, it is easy to turn yellow or delamination, which makes the power generation efficiency seriously reduced or can not be used, and it is directly placed in the outdoor sunlight.

  Encapsulation form of solar garden light

outdoor solar light| solar led light |all in one solar light

  Solar cell encapsulation form. At present, there are two main encapsulation forms of the solar cell, lamination and potting. Using a laminator for lamination can make the solar cell module work life of more than 25 years. Therefore, for household small and low-power solar lawn lights, if there is no life requirement, the potting glue can be used for potting and packaging. For the solar garden lights that are used on formal occasions and have a specified service life, a laminated package must be used.

  Improve the service life, led lights are the trend

  Including the choice of outdoor lighting garden lights, improving light efficiency, and developing to large size, effectively improving the cost performance of solar garden lighting products. Larger LED light sources can achieve higher efficiency, but there is currently no way to solve the problem of high current. If we can maintain high current and high efficiency, we can achieve our goal.