How to choose solar street light manufacturers

2020-09-18 10:27:39

       Solar street lights are becoming more and more common now. We can see solar street lights from small country roads to major roads in cities. As solar street lights become more and more popular, more and more people choose solar street lights, Do you know how to choose a more cost-effective solar street light? There are a few points to share:

  1.Look at the reputation of street lamp manufacturers

  No matter it is the solar light industry or other industries, it needs takes a lot of thought to be bigger and stronger, so we first need to look at the reputation of street light manufacturers. For manufacturers with a good reputation, the quality will not be too bad. If most people think it is bad, their reputation will not be good. To understand whether this solar light manufacturer has a good reputation, it is necessary to understand through various network platforms. The eyes of the masses are discerning.

solar street light manufacturers

  2.See the strength of the manufacturer

  The strength of a manufacturer is very important. If a manufacturer has strong strength, the scale of the factory must be large, and there will be many suppliers. They can have multiple choices, and they can also give the most benefits to customers. Not only that, but a strong manufacturer can also provide you with more suggestions and more professional services.

  3.Look at the specifications of street lights

  If you want to choose a solar street lamp with high-cost performance, you must read the specifications of the street lamp. You can't understand something too complicated, but you must know how to look at the power of the lamp, the size of the battery board, and the capacity of the battery. Because there are a lot of false-label products on the market now, if you don’t know how to distinguish, you may suffer a loss.

  4.See warranty time

  Generally, the warranty period for street lights is 2 years. The longer the warranty period, the better the quality of this product and the higher the price.

  In short, if you want to choose a more cost-effective solar street light, in addition to the above four points, it is best to visit the manufacturer in person. Whether it is the reputation, strength, or the basic configuration of street lights, you must know something so that you can choose the most suitable manufacturer after shopping around.