Future solar lamp will skyrocket 60 times! Solar street light or will become the next air outlet

2019-07-11 11:51:50

As a widely used clean energy source, solar energy is increasingly favoured by the market. The emergence of solar lamp has met people's demand for clean energy. The wide application of solar street light has enabled the replacement of traditional energy sources by new energy sources. It is of great significance to improve the global environment and for the sustainable development of mankind. So what is the future trend of clean energy development?

Recently, a new report from McKinsey, the world's leading management consulting firm, shows that solar lights will achieve exponential growth in ten years and will continue to grow until 2050. In most countries and regions around the world, solar costs and prices will be lower than natural gas and coal.

solar lamp

Solar street light will achieve tremendous growth

In order to cope with global warming, control global air pollution, and promote energy transformation, renewable energy has become the main force of future development. As inexhaustible solar energy, it is one of the fastest growing energy sources in renewable energy. McKinsey estimates that solar lamp will experience an explosive 60-fold increase between 2015 and 2050. After that, solar energy has become the world's leading energy source. The data provided by the International Renewable Energy Agency's (IRENA) 2050 Global Energy Transformation Roadmap report also confirms this prediction. According to the report, the total power generation of renewable power in the world will climb from the current 26% to 85% in 2050, of which up to 60% comes from solar and wind. The analysis shows that in Germany and Spain, the development of solar photovoltaic power will enable the solar industry to achieve cost parity with natural gas and coal around 2020. Following these pioneers is India and Australia, where photovoltaic solar energy will catch up with natural gas in 2020.

solar street light

Due to policy, technology and market conditions, the development speed of solar lamp applications varies from country to country. McKinsey predicts that China's solar street light cost price will be lower than that of coal and natural gas between 2020 and 2030. The cost of solar cells continues to decline, and solar energy is rapidly developing and spreading to various fields, largely due to the decline in solar cells and energy storage costs. McKinsey data shows that between 2012 and 2017, battery costs fell more than 15% per year, a five-year decline of more than 50%. With the continuous improvement of manufacturing scale and technology and the improvement of energy storage system engineering design, the installation cost per kWh of energy storage system will be reduced by about 55% by 2025. The data predicts that battery composition will fall by more than 50% in 2025, as global competition intensifies.

As an important part of solar energy products, solar cells, the core of solar energy technology, will reduce the cost, which will benefit the rapid development of solar energy industry, and the development of solar street light market will also promote the improvement of solar energy technology.