Do you know the wrong way to install solar street lights?

2020-01-03 17:07:02

There are too many obstructions during installation, because the solar street light absorbs sunlight through the top solar photovoltaic panel, and then converts it into electricity and stores it in the battery. Whether the solar street light can be normally illuminated at night depends on whether the solar photovoltaic panel can normally receive sunlight during the day. If there are too many obstructions around solar street lights, such as leaves, buildings, etc. they will cause obstructions, affecting the normal absorption and utilization of light sources by solar photovoltaic panels. Solar street lights should be kept away from the obstacles when they are installed. If it is impossible to avoid the obstacles, make sure that there are no obstacles in the south direction of the solar photovoltaic panel, or the lighting time is not less than 6 hours. Solar street lights are relatively intelligent street lights. It can use light control to adjust the time of different dark days in the four seasons. If the solar street lights have been installed and it is found that there is a light source on the photovoltaic panel and it cannot be removed, it should be adjusted to the time control mode.

solar street light

       1. In order to save trouble, install the solar light indoors, such as in the building island, in the carport, to facilitate traffic or parking. Although these places have a certain amount of light during the day, they cannot meet the need for full charging. If you want solar street lights to have sufficient light, you must move solar photovoltaic panels to the outside. If you have to solve indoor lighting, you can also use outdoor charging, separate installation of indoor lighting.
       2. The orientation of the photovoltaic panel is wrong. The photovoltaic panel needs to be fixed before the vertical pole is installed. If the vertical orientation of the photovoltaic panel is found to be wrong. To determine the direction of LED irradiation, and then determine the orientation of the photovoltaic panel, the photovoltaic panel should be installed in the direction with the most sunlight. Generally, it faces the south in China.

       3. The two-arm solar street light must be connected to the solar power supply for both lamp heads. If both solar panels are connected to the power supply and are installed obliquely face to face, then only one side of the solar panel is effective.

solar street light

        4. In some places, because the installation of solar panels interferes too much, they simply separate the solar panels from the lights for a long distance, and some customers are separated by a distance of 10 meters or even longer. The quality of general wire materials on the market is not very good. In addition, the distance between the wires is very long, and the wire loss is very large, so the charging efficiency will be greatly reduced, which will affect the lighting time.
        5. The solar panels are tilted face to face. For the sake of beauty, the installer may install the solar panel obliquely and symmetrically, but if one side is correctly oriented, the other side must be wrong. Since the light cannot be directly directed to the solar panel, the charging efficiency will be reduced.