Do solar led street lights need to pay attention to wind resistance?

2021-01-21 11:45:54

  The specific parameters of the wind resistance design of solar led street lights are particularly important. If weather conditions with high wind levels are encountered, it is necessary to ensure that the solar led street lights still stand tall. In the process of installing street lights, wind resistance parameters will directly affect the service life of solar led street light equipment and whether other problems will occur, so special attention must be paid to wind resistance design. If the solar panel area exceeds one square meter, wind resistance must be considered.

     The street lamp factory needs to consider the wind resistance coefficient of solar led street lamps and other issues in the design process, and it must be impossible to predict the use environment. Secondly, the constructor must install solar led street lights according to the harshest local operating environment, so as to ensure the safety of use.

     Finally, no matter what product you use, long-term safety is the most important consideration.