Common faults of solar street lights

2020-09-23 14:19:06

       1. The whole set of solar street lights does not light up

  The whole set of solar street lights is not on. Possible reasons include incorrect wiring, the problem with the light source, short circuit of the line water inlet controller, and too long continuous rainy days. First, check the controller of the solar street light, look at the above logo, check whether the corresponding logo circuit is correctly connected, and then observe whether there is water and rust on the terminal of the controller, if it is very likely that the controller is damaged, if not, measure Battery voltage. If the battery voltage of the 12V solar street light system is lower than 10.7V, the battery is out of service. Replace the battery. When there is light on a sunny day, check whether the solar panel has current and voltage output. If there is, the solar panel is normal, and if it is not, the solar panel is damaged. If none of the above problems exist, it is a problem with the light source of the led lamp. Connect the light source to other power sources and check to see if the light is on. If it does not light, change the light source of the lamp. If it is consecutive cloudy and rainy days, the whole set of solar street lights will not light up normally, because the solar panels do not generate electricity and the power stored in the battery has been exhausted. When there is light on a sunny day, the solar panels continue to charge the battery and the solar street lights will light up normally.

solar street lights

  2. The light source of the led lamp flashes

  The main reason for the flickering of the LED light source is the wiring problem or battery loss. First of all, check whether the wiring is correct, whether the nodes are connected and the package is normal, you can also reconnect the wiring, the light source is still flickering, it is necessary to consider the battery loss. Use DC voltage to measure the open-circuit voltage of the battery. If the voltage is lower than 12v, the battery is losing power. Correctly connect the positive and negative electrodes of the battery and the positive and negative electrodes of the solar panel. The system can be used normally after charging for 1-2 days.

  3. The lighting time is short, and it will not turn on when it rains.

  There is only one reason for this failure. The capacity of the battery is too small. If it is newly installed, it means that the battery capacity issued by the manufacturer is false and cannot meet the lighting requirements for continuous rainy days. If the solar street light has been used for several years, It means that the battery has decayed to the end of its service life, just replace the battery.

solar street lights

  4. The light source of led lamps is not fully bright

  Some parts of the LED light source are bright, and some are not bright. Now the commonly used solar street lamp LED light sources on the market are officially arranged, and some of them are bright and some are not bright, indicating that the quality of the LED lamp beads is not good or the specifications are not uniform, resulting in the same voltage and current. Work, it may also be due to false welding during the welding process, and some of the lamp beads are in poor contact. In this case, just replace the LED lamp light source, and the solar street lamp will light up normally.