6 meter high rural solar street lights price, installed and instructions for use

2021-04-23 21:54:09

1. product price
The price of rural solar street lights needs to be based on the specific specifications of the street lights. Whenever customers consult our sresky new energy rural solar street lights how much is the price, our manufacturers will want to understand the user’s needs in the quotation. , Let’s take an example of the price problem of rural solar street lights
The price of 6m rural solar street light: starting at 890 yuan
The basic configuration of rural solar street lights: 6 meters 30 watts
Solar street light pole material: Q235 steel
Type of battery: ternary lithium battery
Types of photovoltaic panels: high-efficiency polysilicon photovoltaic panels
Battery parameters: DC12V30ah
The parameters of the photovoltaic panel: DC18V80w
Controller: DC12v intelligent controller
Other accessories for street lights: photovoltaic brackets, ground cages, screws, etc.
Warranty time for street lights: 3 years
As consumers, we are sometimes used to buying cheap things. The same is true for purchasing rural solar street lights. However, when wholesale rural solar street lights, we need to know that a price is paid for. Some manufacturers in the market use consumers to think The mentality of buying cheap products deliberately lowers the quality of the products to shoddy ones, and the same is true for solar street lights. For example, some manufacturers deliberately falsely mark the parameters of lithium batteries and photovoltaic panels. In this case, many customers cannot distinguish them. If they blindly pursue cheap prices, they will only be fooled in the end.
At the same time, the configuration of rural solar street lights will also affect the quality of solar street lights. A reasonably configured solar street light can be used for more than ten years without a problem. However, some solar street light manufacturers are halfway through, many of them are light pole factories or battery factories. Although these manufacturers are raw material manufacturers, they do not have many skilled personnel in the configuration of solar street lights. The design parameters of rural solar street lights are prone to problems, so when you wholesale rural solar street lights, you must find a regular manufacturer.

2. Product features
1. The comprehensive design has no cables.
2. Rainproof and anti-rust structure.
3. The perfect combination of LED solar products and high-performance polymer cell technology.
4. The thermal infrared sensor is used to control the work of the LED to save battery power loss.
Three, installation
   Installed in a position where the solar panel can be exposed to sunlight, the longer the exposure time, the better. When the phalanx faces true south (that is, the angle between the vertical plane of the phalanx and true south is 0°), the solar cells generate the largest amount of electricity.

Four, instructions for use
1. Before installation, please set the required gear according to the user's needs and then hang it on the wall.
2. Press the small switch next to the sensor to set, first gear: always on after flashing once (1/3 brightness), second gear: dimly on after 2 flashes, full-on for 12 seconds with induction, dimly on without induction. Third gear: No light after flashing 3 times, full light for 12 seconds with induction, no light without induction. Turn off the courtyard lights (sensor lights) completely when you press the fourth button. It can be triggered repeatedly, re-trigger and re-timing.
3. In the daytime, the courtyard lamp only charges the LED and does not work. In the evening, the courtyard lamp LED works according to the set position.
Name: General
Model SOP-048
Solar Panel Monocrystalline 5W/6V
Battery specification 4400MAH/3.7V
LED power 3.2W/100% power@lighting in bright mode
Infrared induction sensing distance: 5-8m, sensing angle:<140°
Charging time is enough for 6 hours under sunlight
Working time/mode 10 hours/night. 30% brightness can illuminate for 12-14 hours
Sufficient battery backup 2-3 nights (100% brightness for one minute when manual induction)
The angle of LED light 120°

Working temperature 0℃-40℃
Installation suggestions Height: 2-4 meters Distance between lights: 10 meters
Five, matters needing attention:
1. It is forbidden to install solar panels in the long-term shadow of buildings.
2. Do not disassemble the solar panels and batteries to transform them without authorization.
3. When the ambient temperature rises to close to the human body temperature, the detection distance will be shortened.
4. Use a soft cloth to wipe the surface of the solar panel regularly.
5. The reference lighting time is based on sufficient sunlight and ideal installation conditions.
(1) Please understand that the ideal lighting time cannot be obtained on cloudy days or in winter and summer when solar light is not strong.
(2) The best installation method is that the solar panels face the south and the inclined latitude. Taking into account the different installation locations and lighting fields, install them in the east or west direction, and the exposure time to the sun is halved, so The lighting time will also be shortened.